Philomania.ca works hard to provide you with a curated catalog of premium, rare and uncommon plants that will be the stars of your collection. 

Shopping at Philomania.ca means that you are supporting Philomania - a registered not-for-profit that does see-a-need, fill-a-need style community outreach. We are currently focusing on getting clean water to those who need it in Canada. 

Words from the Owner

I have always had a passion for beauty, art, nature and the extraordinary. Never wanting to be one that blends into the crowd, my passions have driven me into taking my interest in houseplants and making it my own. Philomania is the place where I combine all these passions into one, and I hope you see the beauty in the plants offered; The descriptions and pictures do not even begin to capture the true magnificence of each plant. 

When I first got into plants, my mother was skeptical. She said to me, "You?! Those poor plants! You will dote over them so much that they will get smothered from too much care!"

It was a joke and we laughed about it at the time, but the even funnier thing is- she was right! I obsessed so much over the first few plants I had that some of them did die from me constantly breathing down their necks.

So I replaced their spots with new plants, and filled more spots with more plants..... and now? If there is a window there is a plant!