Upcoming Outreach

Hello Philomaniacs! 

When supporting a non-profit everyone wants to know what exactly they are supporting. Well! I wanted to show what outreach activities I was to accomplish and what stage they are in. 

Distribute free narcan kits: Collecting kits

What are they?: Narcan is an opioid reversal agent used when there is a potential overdose. They are usually available in a kit that either provides a nasal spray or intermuscular needle. For the purpose of Philomania distributing this, the focus will be on obtaining the nasal spray kits. 

Why?: In New Brunswick, narcan is currently $180 at the pharmacy. This is a barrier to access as not many people have $180 to spare, and not having narcan when you are around people with substance use disorders can prove to be deadly when faced with an overdose. 

Who will receive them?: The goal is to distribute 100 to those in the community who request one, as well as to hand them out on the street. 

Hand out umbrellas: Conception 

Why?: Philomania is located in the Maritimes, so there are times where it rains a lot.... A LOT. being dry is such a basic necessity that is easy to forget that others have trouble obtaining it. The number of umbrellas handed out depends on how much each umbrella will cost.

Who will receive them?: The homeless.

When: The goal is to have this completed by mid-October. 

Barriers to completion?: Funding 

Hand out thermal socks: Conception  

What are they?: Thermal socks are socks made out of wool or wool blends that help retain heat on your feet. The number of socks that will be distributed will depend on the cost of each sock. 

Why?: Canadian winters are tough. Considering that the homeless may not have access to adequate footwear, having your feet be unprotected from the cold ground gets painful. Providing socks that keep the heat of your feet around will help keep them warm. 

Who will receive them?: The homeless

When: The goal is to have this completed by the end of December 

Barriers to completion?: Funding 

Hand out mittens/gloves: Conception 

Why?: Canadian winters are tough. Gloves get worn, lost, or so wet that you need to switch them out or risk them becoming frozen around your hands. 

Who will receive them?: The homeless

When?: The goal is to have this completed by the end of December. 

Barriers to completion?: Funding 


The "60% Water" project

What is the "60% Water" project?: The 60% water project is a project that I plan to take on to provide access to clean drinking water to those who do not have it. I am doing this because even though Canada does not have water listed as a human right, we are still made out of 60% water. To keep this short, when people do not have access to clean drinking - nothing good comes of it. 

Project 1: Cost-effective under the sink water filtration system: Starting prototype 

What is it? An under-the-sink water filtration system helps to filter out any contaminants in the water where there is access to running water in a house or any other setting where there are pipes. 

Why is it needed? Some people in Canada still do not have access to clean water. It's been a long-standing issue. 

Project 2: Open source water filtration: Conception 

What is it? An open-source water filtration system is a water filtration system like a Brita. Where it is not connected to a water source like a pipe or water main. 

Why is it needed?: An open-source water system is needed for those who do not have access to a clean running water source. This provides the option to obtain water, and filter it so it is drinkable. 



If anyone has any other ideas of what future projects could be done, please send me an email at philomaniaca@gmail.com !