October Outreach Update

Hello everyone! 

Unfortunately, we weren't able to make enough in sales to be able to fulfil our goal of being purchase and hand out umbrellas on the street. We may have been a little naive in trying to start outreach as soon as we opened. With this is mind we have decided to reevaluate our priorities for outreach.

Philomania will be primarily focusing on the 70% Water Project going forward. Access to clean water is an issue that has been going on for longer than necessary in a country like Canada. To be able to fulfil our goal of making an under the sink filter as well as an open source filter will take a lot of research and time to follow through with; and to make sure that the project can be finish sooner rather than later, we want to not have to divide our time between multiple projects. 

Philomania will still be reevaluating the need for community outreach on a see-a-need, fill-a-need basis as that is where our passion will always be.